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About Us

Sean Wright, Owner of Gilmore Enterprises

Sean grew up in Southern California. When he was a youngster in High School the first car, he purchased for himself was a Baja Bug.
Since that time, his passion for Volkswagens has grown exponentially.  

Twenty years later Sean had the opportunity to Purchase Gilmore Enterprises.

“Volkswagens are a constant source of inspiration and joy, fueling my drive to learn more about their history, design, and engineering. Volkswagens have truly become a defining aspect of who I am, and I am grateful for the impact they have had on my life.”

Sean loves air cooled VW's-- you’ll only have to spend a minute on the phone to tell just how passionate he is about the cars. Sean might tell you that he doesn't know a lot of things-- but there are 2 things he does know, unquestionably: 

1.    Air Cooled VW's
2.    How to keep their occupants cool in even the worst of heat. 

The latter of those two things is why Ed Muha, the founder of Gilmore Enterprises started the company in 1996. Gilmore has done what even Volkswagen themselves never did-- they created air conditioners for your old Volksie that actually work. Using modern technology and Good-American-Know-How, Gilmore Enterprises has created under-dash (and integrated units for the 73-79 Super Bug) units that look downright similar to the ones VW used to offer, but actually keep you cool.  

They don't make your motor hot, and they keep you cool in the worst of heat.   

Gilmore swears that these units will keep an old Beetle with a 1200 motor cool enough on the inside of the car that you won't even break a sweat, and the motor just hums along like it normally would.

If you have questions, Call Sean.  He'll take the time you need to get your questions answered so you can stay cool too.  And if you happen to be at one of the local VW shows, look for the Gilmore guys.  You'll see them around!

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About us

Ed Muha is the founder and owner of Gilmore Enterprises.  He loves air cooled VW's--  you'll only have to spend a minute on the phone to tell just how passionate he is about the cars.... (more)


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Gilmore Enterprises
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Las Vegas, NV 89115
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***Gilmore Enterprises is an aftermarket distributor of air conditioning parts and accessories for VWs and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Volkswagen AG or Volkswagen of America, Inc. The use of VW and Volkswagen is not intended to violate trademark or copyright and is used for reference purposes only.

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