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Frequently asked questions

Many people have questions about the Air Conditioning unit's installation, and about other topics or items as well. We've created this section to help you answer some of the most commonly asked questions about our Classic Aircooled VW's Air Conditioning units.  We hope this solves your A/C questions!  If, not, please feel free to contact us!


  • What kinds of tools are required to install the A/C Kit?
    Ordinary hand tools, an electric drill and a couple of hole saws are all that is necessary to install the A/C kit.  back to top

  • Will I need to cut or weld anything on my car?
    No, there are only five holes to be drilled through the body. Four are for the A/C hoses and one for the drain hose for the Evaporator.  back to top

  • What kind of Freon do you use?
    R134A.  back to top

  • How much power does it take to run the A/C Compressor?
    We have been told by the engineers at one of our major compressor suppliers that it takes from 1.25 to 1.5hp to run the compressor.  back to top

  • What engine size do I need?
    We have seen the A/C kits successfully installed on as little as a stock 1200cc to as large as a 2332cc and run down the freeway as a daily driver.  back to top

  • What models does your kit fit?
    We cover all air cooled VW's from 53 through 79 except Type III which is currently being developed. We also have kits for the replica Porsche Speedster and are working on 914 and 912 Porsche kits.  back to top

  • What type of carb or carbs do I need?
    You can run anything from a stock to dual Weber, Dellorto, Kadron , or Fuel Injection. We just need to know what you are running in order to build you the correct kit.  back to top

  • Does the compressor have its own belt ?
    Depending on the year of the bug it can have one belt to run everything or it can have a separate belt for the compressor. For Bugs 1966 and back you can only run one belt, either V-groove or serpentine, and have the engine lid close completely.  back to top

  • Does the Air Conditioner make the engine run hot?
    Unlike the original early dealer installed air conditioners with the large York style compressor, the new rotory style compressors are very efficient and will not make your car over heat. If your car does start to run a little hotter then there is something not set correctly with the engine, ie. Timing fuel air mixture too lean etc.. We have run our own bugs and buses in weather as hot as 117 degrees and have not had any issues with overheating.  back to top

  • Is there a warranty on the system?
    All of the systems we manufacture come with a one year unlimited mileage parts warranty. We are very confident in our systems and have systems out there that are over ten years old still running all the original parts.  back to top

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About us

Ed Muha is the founder and owner of Gilmore Enterprises.  He loves air cooled VW's--  you'll only have to spend a minute on the phone to tell just how passionate he is about the cars.... (more)


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