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We Make Custom A/C Units & Refurbish Old Dealer Installed Units for Aircooled VW's as Well!


Air Conditioning for Your Old VW Beetle, Van, Karmann Ghia, Fastback, & Squareback

Gilmore Enterprises has been specializing in restoring and building air conditioners for air-cooled Volkswagens for more than 20 years.  It is our specialty, and our units work really well. We have air conditioning in many show winning vehicles and daily driver vehicles have been acknowledged by the leading air-cooled VW Magazines as the best A/C system for your air-cooled Volkswagen. 

Whether you're driving an old VW Beetle, VW Bus (Microbus, Transporter, Kombi, VW Camper, Campmobile), Karmann Ghia, Fastback, Squareback, or Notchback, we can provide you an a/c unit that works.  We have provided them for not only show cars, but also for many who still drive Volksies as their daily drivers.  With new compressor technology, they take almost no power away from the motor, and can deliver really cold air on even the smallest of VW engines--  like the 1200cc.

Original Looking Factory Installed Units

Original Looking Factory Installed Units

So unfortunately, the original units never worked well and parts are impossible to find, but say that you have an old Beetle that you are restoring, and it was originally equipped with an air conditioning unit from the factory.  You want something that looks original--  ours does!  No dealing with a unit that doesn't work well, fan problems, and inefficiency--  you get a unit that looks truly similar to the original, and works great!  

It Can Be Done!  See Our Air Conditioning Kit Working in a 1200cc Beetle!!

People ask us all the time....

  • Does it take away much horsepower?
  • Can you run it in a car with a stock 1600cc motor?
  • I have a very old VW... how about a stock 1200cc motor--  a 40 horse?

The answer to the above questions-- 

  • No, it takes away very little horsepower. 1/2 horsepower or less, to the best of our understanding.
  • Yes, it runs great with a stock 1600 motor!  Way better than the original kits VW offered with the gian York compressors that soaked your horsepower.
  • And even more--  yes it even runs on a 1200cc 40 horse motor!!!  In fact, take a look at the video to the right and see it run on a 40 horse motor!!!  (1200cc)



Custom A/C Units for Air Cooled VW's

So many air-cooled VW's have been customized over the years. VW chasis were used in kit cars, and as the base for many other venicles.  If one of our kits doesn't fit your application, we also offer systems for dual carbs su ch as Weber IDF,IDA,ICT, DCNF or the EMPI copies of the Weber and also Dellorto carbs and Fuel Injection systems. The systems can be built with Single belt driving everything or a dual belt with a separate belt driving the compressor. We can also build it for a Serpentine belt system.

Depending on your needs we can usually build you a custom unit to fit your application such as kit cars, or cars with custom dashboards. Just give us a call to discuss your project.

Take a look at the kits offered on this site and don't hesitate to Contact Us or check our FAQs if you have additional questions about our kits or future kits under development.

Here's a Vid of Our Compressor in Action!

About us

Ed Muha is the founder and owner of Gilmore Enterprises.  He loves air cooled VW's--  you'll only have to spend a minute on the phone to tell just how passionate he is about the cars.... (more)


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***Gilmore Enterprises is an aftermarket distributor of air conditioning parts and accessories for VWs and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Volkswagen AG or Volkswagen of America, Inc. The use of VW and Volkswagen is not intended to violate trademark or copyright and is used for reference purposes only.

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